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We produce all of our tools, dies, gauges and fixtures to order, based on your part print specifications. To facilitate the fabrication of your metal part, we start by developing the most efficient process available. After discussing the options with you, the tools are designed to produce the parts in the most efficient manner agreed upon. Production volume, raw material, complexity and finish requirements are all contributing factors. Dies can be single hit operations, multiple hit hand transfers, progressive dies where multiple operations are performed simultaneously in individual progressions throughout the die, or even complex mechanical transfer dies with integral 2 or 3 axis transfer systems. In most cases, the goal is to produce a finished product, start to finish, on one tool base. With our equipment and technical expertise, we have the capabilities to provide you the tooling to produce your finished part with speed and still maintain the highest accuracy possible.

In addition to designing and building stamping dies from scratch, we also can provide services for engineering changes on existing tools, repairs and perform maintenance on dies already in service. Individual die sections or portions of dies can be reproduced to bring your older tooling back into specification, or perhaps improve efficiencies. All die refurbs are treated on a case by case basis and no job is typically too big or too complex.

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