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Whether your part production consists of automotive, appliance, industrial, or ornamental parts, we can provide the tooling required to produce them. We have the expertise and capability to design & build dedicated stamping tools for simple parts, to complex metal stampings and even the associated tools & fixtures for stamped assemblies.

As part of our goal to be a full service facility, we also welcome the opportunity to provide gaging and fixtures for production parts. Discuss your quality concerns with us & we can make recommendations for typical gages which will keep your production verified to be within spec. We can make simple plus gages to check hole diameters, or complex functional gages capable of passing most certification criteria. We also can design and produce fixtures to perform secondary machining operations or locate parts for secondary assembly operations. Our goal is to assist you in developing the entire manufacturing process and give you the best tooling we can, to make that process as efficient and accurate as possible.

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